Democrats of the Desert extends it's thanks to panelists on Freedom of Speech

Saturday was another record breaking Democratic turnout for the Democrats of the Desert as the distinguished panel for Freedom of the Speech got underway. DOD wants to extend it's grateful thanks to Phil Drucker, Beth Caskie, Christy Holstege (moderator), Anita Rufus and Hank Plante. Their insight, humor and action plan for attending members was greatly appreciated. Special guest Eduardo Garcia received a donation from Democrats of the Desert and President Robert Westwood said"Thank you for being the most hardworking Assemblyman". Eduardo reminded the guests and members their was much work ahead and to keep focused on the fight through activism and donation contributions at every level. Al

Democrats of the Desert Present ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, a panel discussion

DEMOCRATS OF THE DESERT PRESENTS… “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE” June 24th A panel discussion to understand the threat all Americans face in regards to the attack on freedom of the press issues. Panelists will walk us through some of the challenges we will face in regard to new net neutrality laws, freedom of the press and new legislation against the press.... "were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspaper or newspaper without government, I would not hesitate for a moment to prefer the latter" Thomas Jefferson. The First Amendment as adopted in 1791 reads as follows: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exerc

Congressman Ruiz speaks to Democrats of the Desert

Congressman Raul Ruiz attended an exclusive event for members and friends of Democrats of the Desert on June 10th. The Congressman shared his thoughts on the DC political climate and news of next years Congressional race. Dr. Ruiz applauded our Club's Commit to Activism 2017 theme encouraging members to register voters, phone bank for candidates and to get involved however they can. He also wanted members to bring in new democrats to the club as well as create new opportunities for democrats to get out their agenda. The message was to get active and do something! Democrats of the Desert through its membership and fundraising efforts were able to give the Congressman a sizable donation that e

Democrats of the Desert Tour the Galilee Comfort Station in Mecca

On June 7th a group of DOD members and friends traveled to the Galilee Comfort Station in Mecca to tour the facilities and to learn more about how the station provides farm, migrant workers and their families with basic needs. The facility offers showers and restrooms for men, women, and a private family restroom. In addition there is a laundry facility, a reception and community waiting room. The facility addresses the needs of the farm workers in the Mecca, Thermal, Oasis and North Shore Communities. The farm workers are able to take a shower, wash their clothing in a clean and healthy environment inside a facility with air conditioning and heating. Toiletries are free of charge to client

Raise your right hand: V. Manny Perez gets sworn in at USC

V. Manny Perez was sworn in on June 1st at USC in Palm Desert. Family, friends and local Democrats turned out to observe the solemn procedure and to watch history in the making. After the official appointment by Governor Jerry Brown , V. Manny Perez was officially sworn in as the new Riverside County Supervisor for the 4th District. Local dignitaries included. Geoff Kors, Geno Sexton representing Congressman Raul Ruiz, and many others. V. Manny Perez thanked his family, incredible staff, including Greg Rodriguez, and reminded everyone there was alot of work to be done. " I am humbled and excited" Perez said and promised to reach out to all communities to understand his constituents concern

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