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Democrats of the Desert Present ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, a panel discussion



June 24th

A panel discussion to understand the threat all Americans face in regards to the attack on freedom of the press issues. Panelists will walk us through some of the challenges we will face in regard to new net neutrality laws, freedom of the press and new legislation against the press....

"were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspaper or newspaper without government, I would not hesitate for a moment to prefer the latter" Thomas Jefferson.

The First Amendment as adopted in 1791 reads as follows:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances".

Panelists are:

Christy Holstege: Moderator and speaker. Christy is a 3rd generation civil litigation attorney in Palm Springs at Gilbert & Bourke LLP and is now a candidate running for PS City Council. She practices civil litigation, public benefits, employment law, personal injury, elder law, domestic violence law and housing law. Christy focuses her practice and pro bono efforts serving underserved communities of the Coachella Valley, including people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, homeless individuals, injured workers, personal injury victims, and vistims of discrimination and violence.

Hank Plante : An Emmy and Peabody-winning reporter who spent 30 years working for the CBS TV stations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Currently Hank is a member of the Desert Sun Editorial Board and an on-air Political Analyst at KMIR TV (NBC) in the Valley.

Anita Rufus: A national award winning radio talk show host broadcasting here since 1990's. A lifelong activist for women's rights and human rights and ran for Congress against Sonny Bono in 1996. Anita is a J.D. who specializes in mediation and is an educator with a Master's in Career and Technical Education from Cal State. As the only liberal-and the only female-voice on local talk radio, Anita is keenly aware of the challenges we face in preserving freedom of speech and the importance of always speaking up and speaking out...she has been doing it all her life. Our own "Loveable Liberal" broadcasts on Sunday 11-1pm west coast time on KNEWS Radio

Phil Drucker, Esq: Currently a practicing attorney living and working in the Coachella Valley. Phil is also the Dean of Academics at the California Desert Trial Academy in Indio where he teaches Constitutional Law and Real Property. Philip also teaches Business Law I at the College of the Desert. In 2014 he ran for State Senator in California's 28th Senate District and received more votes than any other Democratic candidate. Philip is a member of the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee and remains committed to the ideals of progressive government and in particular, equal protection for all under the law.

Beth Caskie: A lifelong Democrat, Beth has been a volunteer for local congressional and state assembly campaigns in the Coachella Valley. She has served on the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party and is currently an elected delegate from the 42nd AD to the Democratic State Central Committe and an alternate on the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee. Beth is a labor relations representative for the California School Employees Association (CSEA)

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia will visit to say a few words and we are honored to have him come to this DOD event. Let's show up and hear from our hard working Assemblymember!!! A great way to head into summer.

June 24th is also our annual ICE CREAM SOCIAL and we will be having a major fundraiser for the Mecca Comfort Station for the summer need. Please bring " backpacks for kids " this time so that the children will have a fantastic start to their school year.

Date Palm Country Club 2-4pm

36200 Date palm Drive, Cathedral City

Contact Robert Westwood

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