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Democrats of the Desert extends it's thanks to panelists on Freedom of Speech

Saturday was another record breaking Democratic turnout for the Democrats of the Desert as the distinguished panel for Freedom of the Speech got underway. DOD wants to extend it's grateful thanks to Phil Drucker, Beth Caskie, Christy Holstege (moderator), Anita Rufus and Hank Plante. Their insight, humor and action plan for attending members was greatly appreciated.

Special guest Eduardo Garcia received a donation from Democrats of the Desert and President Robert Westwood said"Thank you for being the most hardworking Assemblyman". Eduardo reminded the guests and members their was much work ahead and to keep focused on the fight through activism and donation contributions at every level.

Also attending was Lisa Middleton who is running for Palm Springs City Council along with Christy Holstege, our moderator, who is also running for Palm Springs City Council.

Phil Drucker reminded us, while addressing Free Speech, to actively 'speak out' whenever you can so all voices can be heard. As a professor he is seeing more young people interested in immigration justice. He encouraged everyone to reacquaint themselves with the 5 part First Amendment.

Beth Caskie, who delighted us with her humor, made it clear to the audience that we must stay focused and expand our reading to include EFF, Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, Calitics and to subscribe to the WP, NYT, DSN to stay informed. She gave us the link to John Oliver on you tube. John Oliver told his viewers to contact the FCC regarding net neutrality (DOD posted this on our Facebook page). Beth reminded us of the July 12th " movement (on our DOD Facebook page).

Christy Holstege, moderator agreed with panelists on the many issues they each discussed and in her work is seeing the rights of others being challenged.

Anita Rufus reminded us that the media is owned by about 6 major corporations. We can make our voices heard by sending letters to 943KNews regarding programming and what you want to hear and what you do not like about the programming on the radio. Then send a copy of your letter to the FCC so they KNOW you have contacted the station. They are the watchdogs!

Hank Plante for over 30 years as a TV broadcast professional reminded us that we must stay informed. Newspapers need our support and are losing jobs at an enormous rate. Supporting your newspapers, subscribing and sending letters to the editor help.

Democrats of the Desert annual Ice Cream Social was fun, educational and uplifting.

The Democrats of the Desert Board would also like to thank our loyal members and visiting guests who braved the summer temps to come to hear the panel on Enemy of the People. It takes dedication on your part to the democratic party and we recognize you with our continued grateful thanks. We are inspired by your Activism.

We learned on Saturday about the critical issues we are facing regarding the threat to our collective first amendment rights. We also learned "everyday people can do extraordinary things'... pick something you can do TODAY and show the world who democrats really are!

Commit to Activism 2017

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