President Robert Westwood at DOD Kentucky Derby Party


Dorys' Creation for Kentucky Derby party

Megan and her beautiful family with their Derby hat creations!

Susan gets a Kentucky Derby Kiss from Dick

Megan, her daughter, June, Jan and Sharon pose with their spectacular Derby Chapeau's!

Deniantionette Mazingo, candidate for 42 Assembly, speaks to DOD Members

George, Cathie and Robert at the Kentucky Derby Party

President Robert Westwood delivering donations from DOD to the Galilee Center's Lupe Torres

Lisa Middleton PS City Council member joins DOD gathering

Congressman Raul Ruiz DOD Rally

Congressman Raul Ruiz gets a rally greeting at DOD meeting

Deni Mazingo Candidate for Assembly 42nd District

DOD Board presents a check to Deni Mazingo Candidate for Assembly 42nd District

Surprise guest Starr Ruiz and her daughter (Sister of Congressman Raul Ruiz) at DOD gathering

Dorys Forray DODTreasurer presents check to Congressman Raul Ruiz

Robert Mueller running for Rancho Mirage City Council spoke to DOD members

Tribute with Mom's Demand Action at DOD meeting

President Robert Westwood and Vice President Bill Simpkins present Anita Rufus with an Award for her 10 years of dedicated democratic media work on the Radio as the 'Loveable Liberal'

Pam Simpkins updates members of DOD on Voter Registration Drive

Marlene and Dori update DOD members on Mom's Demand Action resource information

Now that is a cake! Delicious celebratory cake

Activism recognition for Art Coplestein DHQ's Progressive Newsletter and DOD's Laura Ramsey for DOD Social Media work

Over 100 Dems gather for Enemy of the People Panel- Christy Holstege, moderator with Hanke Plante, Beth Caskie, Anita Rufus, and David Hamlin

Eileen Stern and Jeanne remind us to "Mark your Calendar March 5th event for Jill Wine Banks, Christine Pelosi and Julie Bornstein Event at the Camelot Theater"-https://secure.actblue.com/donate/jwbtickets

DOD President Robert Westwood and candidate for Indio City Council Waymond Fermond

Jarvis Crawford from James O. Jesse Desert Highland Unity Center speaks to DOD Dems

President Robert Westwood and Eileen Stern

Marlene Levine, Bill Simpkins and Dori Smith

New Vice President f DOD Bill Simpkins introduces the media panel

Art Coplstein DHQ Progressive News author and Laura Ramsey DOD Social Media Coordinator receive activism award for their work at recent DOD gathering

Over 100 gather for panel discussion on Freedom of Speech and Net Neutrality rights

Joy Silver candidate for State Senate race attends DOD gathering

Panel Discussion for DOD members and friends

Mayor Rob Moon attends DOD gathering

Barbara Boxer at Women's March PS 2018

Christy Holstege -PS City Council

Joy Silver State Senate Candidate

Happy Holiday Festivities DOD 2017

DOD President Robert Westwood at ACLU gathering

ACLU Attorney James Gilliam speaks to DOD


Great crowd at DOD to hear Attorney James Gilliam form SOCal ACLU

Anita Hoag receives Volunteer of th,

President of DOD Robert Westwood presents Anita Hoag with Volunteer of the Year Award at Bosworth Luncheon

Congressman Raul Ruiz and President Robert Westwood at the Pride Parade

DOD members march with Congressman Raul Ruiz at the Pride Parade

christine Pelosi

Christine Pelosi

DOD Members at Congressman Raul Ruiz event

DOD President Robert Westwood

Kentucky Derby Party

Congressman Raul Ruiz with Congressman Steny Hoyer


Crowd of over 230 DOD members & visitors at ACLU event


Richard ready for greeting members & visitors at ACLU event


June Volunteering for Action ACLU Meeting


Joan, Susan, Siv, Visitor and Jan at ACLU event


Congressman Raul Ruiz holds his first Save Our Healthcare Rally and speaks to a full house

Congressman Raul Ruiz

Marlene L. , Congressman Raul Ruiz and Patricia P. at the Save Health Care Rally in Cathedral City

Congressman Raul Ruiz

Congressman Raul Ruiz at the Save Our Healthcare Rally in Cathedral City with over 200 people.


Beautiful, precious CVHC dancers perform at DOD Holiday Party


Young CVHC Cowgirls perform at the DOD Holiday Party


Ruth D. and Dr. Lester at the DOD Holiday Party

DOD Party

DOD Holiday fun

Holiday party

DOD members at the Holiday party.


Dori Smith and her husband at the DOD Holiday party


Dori Smith


These DOD members smile for the camera at the DOD holiday party

Holiday Party

DOD Holiday party 2016

New Member

Holiday fun 2016

DOD Holiday Party

Celebrating friendship at the DOD Holiday party 2016

Holiday Party

DOD Holiday Party 2016


Democrats of the Desert

Holiday Party

In the spirit at DOD Holiday Party


Holiday Party 2016

Mecca Comfort Center

Mecca Comfort Center friends at DOD Holiday Party

Holiday Party 2016

Celebrating Holidays together 2016

Holiday Party

DOD friends at Holiday party 2016

Holiday Party

DOD Holiday Party 2016

Holiday Party

DOD Holiday celebration with friends


Priscilla Richardson President of DOD votes in Sacramento for the Electoral College

Dr Raul Ruiz

Dr. Raul Ruiz for Congress team at the Aids Walk

Raul Ruiz

Monica Ruiz with Sky & Sage attend the Aids Walk

Barbara Boxer

Senator Barbara Boxer

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson speaks at Senator Barbara Boxer's book signing

Phone banking

Democrats of the Desert phone banking team

Phone banking

Phone banking for the Candidates at Democrats of the Desert Date Palm Country Club

Greg Rodriguez

Greg Rodriguez campaigns

Campaign sign

Democrats "sign-up"!

Fallen Police officers

Remembering our fallen Officers Sgt. Jose Gilbert Vega and Officer Lesley Zerebny

Candidate for 42nd Assembly Greg Rod

An evening of support for Greg Rodriguez

Mayor Rob Moon

Mayor Rob Moon speaks to Democrats of the Desert

Congressman Raul Ruiz

Democrats of the Desert rally together in support to honor Congressman Raul Ruiz shown here with one of his daughters.

Democrats of the Desert Gathering

Rob Moon speaks to the Democrats of the Desert in support of Congressman Raul Ruiz

Congressman Raul Ruiz attends event

Democrats of the Desert President Priscilla Richardson honors Congressman Raul Ruiz

Mrs. Ruiz , baby Ruiz, Alaina & friend at Derby Day event


Congressman Raul Ruiz speaks to Democrats of the Desert

Dr. Les Zendle

Dr. Les Zendle for Desert Healthcare District 2016 speaks to Democrats of the Desert

Eduardo Garcia

Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia


Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia


Democratic Rally

Pam's iphone 5s Mar2016 453

Democrats of the Desert Team

Pams iPhone apr30th2014 523

Pam & DOD member


Democrats attend Rally

Jan Seiden

Kentucky Derby Hat Contest


Democracy at work

Greg Rodriguz

President Pris Richardson of Democrats of the Desert presents check to Candidate for 42nd District Assembly Greg Rodriguez


Dorys "Proud to be a Democrat"


Marlene "Proud to be a Democrat"

Awards LuncheonIMG_0299

Congressman Raul Ruiz and Vice President of Democrats of the Desert Robert Westwood

Robert and Eduardo Garcia

Robert presents Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia with news report of his park's work at the Democrats of the Desert Summer Ice Cream Social

Dori Smith with Eduardo Garcia

Dori Smith and Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia work for change

Democratic friends toasting on Derby Day!

Congressman Raul Ruiz

Having fun at Democrats of the Desert Derby Party

Robert, George &Jan

Standing with the winner of the Hat Contest Jan

Dory, Robert & Marlene

Wearing Orange for Gun Control Awareness Thursday

Robert, George & Lupe Ramos at the Migrant Worker Comfort Station in Mecca

The beautiful Democratic Desert

Bill with homemade Derby Pies that sold out!

Marlene enjoys Derby Day


Derby Belles Anita & Sharon


Dorys greets visitors & members for Derby Day!

Memorial for Orlando victims

Congressman Raul Ruiz at recent Palm Springs memorial vigil for Orlando shooting victims


Members of Democrats of the Desert attend the Power Ball baseball game and show their 'BLUE' spirit.

Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia

Assemblyman for the 56th District Eduardo Garcia Speaks to the Democrats of the Desert

Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia and Democ

"Standing Together" at the Democrats of the Desert Ice Cream Social gathering


Marlene holds "autographed" first pitch baseball signed by Asm. Eduardo Garcia from Democrats at Power baseball game night

Coachella Valley Housing Coalition

Richard with CVHC Scholarship recipient and family

Coachella Valley Housing Coalition

Coachella Valley Housing Coalition founder John Mealey, Julie and Richard


CVHC Scholarship recipients and their families


Richard presents scholarship to CVHC recipient

Golf Course