When you are exhausted because of the non-stop disasters in the White House and the Senate, it’s hard to maintain the high level of outrage that is warranted. 


 In spite of it all, many progressives continue to work tirelessly because we see a better future for America. As part of that effort, we’re working to ensure that the Blue Wave in 2020 is even larger than the 2018 midterms.


To that end, I’m recommending DOD’s focused theme between now and the election be “DETERMINED DEMOCRATS 2020.”


  • We’re determined to register thousands of new voters.

  • We’re determined to elect a Democratic president.  Many say: “Anyone But Trump!”

  • We’re determined to take the Senate in 2020.  (Ditch Moscow Mitch!)

  • We’re determined to enact a Progressive agenda…on healthcare, on wages and jobs, on gun safety, on equal rights for all (women and LGBTQ), on immigration, on criminal justice…and so many more issues.

  • We’re determined to support the most vulnerable among us.

  • We’re determined to help Democrats win more local seats.



So I hope each of you will resolve to be a Determined Democrat, and figure out how you can help. 

No effort is too small.


Each of us CAN make a difference!

Our Board of Directors is here if you want suggestions on how to pitch in. Just send me an email. 


Dori Smith