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Turn this Valley Blue

Democrats of the Desert has finalized its endorsements for local elections. This year, Democrats of the Desert endorses:


Cathedral City, City Council Alan Carvalho, District 1

Nancy Ross, District 2

Coachella City Council Lesly Figueroa (for Mayor)

Denise Delgado

Neftali Galarza Desert Hot Springs City Council Roger Valles Nunez Indio City Council Erin Teran, District 1 Frank Ruiz, District 5 Palm Desert City Council Karina Quintanilla, District 1 Steven E. Moyer, District 2

Palm Springs City Council Christy Holstege, District 4 Lisa Middleton, District 5


College of the Desert Trustee Beatriz Gonzalez, District 2

Coachella Valley Unified School District Stephanie Virgen, Area 1

Jocelyn Alfaro Vargas, Area 4

Desert Sands School District Patricia Ann (“Tricia”) Pearce, District 3

Palm Springs School District Laura Ahmed, District 1


Desert Water District Raymond Louis Amico, District 5

Desert Recreation District Joanne Gilbert, Division 3


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