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DOD Endorses Elizabeth Romero for State Senate

Democrats of the Desert’s Board of Directors has endorsed Elizabeth Romero and donated to her campaign for California Senate Seat, District 28.

“I have known Elizabeth for more than 10 years, and have watched her work to improve our community,” said DOD President Dori Smith. “Like Congressman Raul Ruiz, Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia and Riverside County Supervisor Manuel Perez, I have absolute confidence that she will make an excellent addition to California’s Senate.

“She will represent the 28th District with dedication and determination,” Smith added. “Elizabeth is a strong progressive who supports healthcare as a human right, strong public education, living wages for all, and gun safety, for example.

“Let’s all pitch in – we can make a difference!”

• Call voters and/or donate. You can sign up for Virtual Phone Banking any day from now until May 12, Link to Elizabeth's campaign website

• Send a personal email to friends, reminding them to vote in the special election and to vote for Elizabeth. Include a link to her video by copying the address in your browser and pasting it in your email. If you want help writing an email, please send a request to

If you like the personal touch, send letters or postcards to your friends, including her Website address and the link to her video.

• Hold a Zoom meeting with friends. One idea: entice them by promising your favorite recipe; then ask them to vote for her, because “electing her will be a recipe for success in the California senate.” To download the Zoom app, visit

About the Election & the Term:

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed an executive order requiring county elections officials to mail a ballot to every registered voter in Senate District 28 for the May 12, 2020 Special General Elections. The County will start mailing ballots on April 13th, with the required May 12th election deadline.

Everyone will need to vote by mail due to the current pandemic guidelines to “shelter at home,” helping protect ourselves and others in the community against COVID-19.

The winner of the May 12th election will serve the remainder of the current, vacated term, which runs through 2022.


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