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Congressman Raul Ruiz and Congressman Steny Hoyer meet with local Democrats

Last night Local Democrats met with Congressman Raul Ruiz and the Congressman from Maryland Steny Hamilton Hoyer at the Gubman home in Palm Springs. Dr. Raul Ruiz encouraged democrats to keep fighting and to be vigilant about the pressure from the GOP side aiming to keep the Valley Red. He thanked attending democrats from the Valley, members of the board of DOD and dignitaries for all their support. Dr. Ruiz also encouraged democrats to make calls for Jon Ossoff for Congress in support of his race in Georgia. Congressman Steny Hoyer spoke to the group and told of how as a young man he was inspired byJohn F. Kennedy. He encouraged Democrats to re-read President Kennedy's inauguration speech along with the 'I Have a Dream" speech of Martin Luther King. He told us how lucky we were to have such a competent, dedicated and motivated Congressman in Dr. Ruiz. It was a proud moment for attending democrats.

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