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ACTION ALERT: Solar Ordinance

Action Alert: Solar Ordinance

The science is clear. Human caused climate change is triggering dramatic changes across our planet. The growing impacts include deepening droughts, forest death, massive wild fires, freak storms, flooding, accelerated and sea level rise.

The good news: Human caused climate change can be human solved climate change. We have the power to counter the worst impacts of climate change by cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We know that the majority of our GHG emissions in Palm Springs come from heating, cooling and lighting our buildings. When those buildings are powered by solar power, we cut our GHG emissions.

It’s time to take action. The City of Palm Springs is considering a solar ordinance to require installed solar on all new construction and major remodels. Planning and Sustainability Commissions will hold a study session on this ordinance at 11AM on Wednesday, December 14th, City Hall large conference room.

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