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Interview with Candidate for 42nd State Assembly District Greg Rodriguez

1. What is your central message.

I am running for the 42nd State Assembly to bring real representation to the residents of the District. For too long our area has been underrepresented in Sacramento. We need a leader who has a proven track record of results and will go to Sacramento to get things done.

2. What are your most salient differences with your opponent.

I have a proven track record of getting things done. My opponent has not proposed nor passed any substantive legislation in Sacramento. I pride myself on being accessible and present in the District. My opponent spends most of his time traveling the state raising special interest money for career politicians. He is rarely seen in the district and does not know the issues. My opponent has voted no to women’s health choices, no to a reasonable minimum wage, no to equal pay for women, no to parks for our kids, no to expansion of a much needed health district in our valley and yes to allowing guns in our schools. I am an fierce advocate for equal pay, an activist for our children and a leader who knows the pulse of our district.

3. How will California benefit by 2018 from your vision for the state.

The Inland Empire and the 42nd District will benefit from my vision and actions, by having a true results oriented leader advocating for the needs of the 42nd District and the Inland Empire. I will work on creating a better California in the areas of mental health, water issues, education, job development and creating long-term solutions for the Salton Sea.

4. What needs of the 42nd district do you hope to meet.

Most importantly, I want the residents of the 42nd District to feel like they have a representative that they know, who makes them feel like they are listened to and who they know they can count on to get things done.

Thanks Greg!

Be sure and stop by Greg's Grand Opening of his new campaign office on Monday August 29th at 180 North Luring Suite 400 Palm Springs, Ca 92262 from 6-8pm. No RSVP required.

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