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Let’s Defeat the Republican Recall

We hope you’re aware that there is an effort underway to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. And the election is in September! Here’s what we recommend: Vote “NO” on the ballot’s first question. It will read something like this: “Do you want to recall Governor Newsom?” A “NO” vote on that question means you are voting IN FAVOR OF Governor Newsom. Skip the rest of the ballot; follow the ballot instructions and mail it ASAP. When you support Governor Newsom, there’s no need to respond to the second question or vote for any of the 40+ Republicans that are trying to overturn the will of California’s voters. None of them have the experience or skills required to run the most populous state in the country and the world’s fifth-largest economy. Newsom has overseen a record surplus estimated to be as much as $75 billion. He and Democrats in the legislature are using that surplus to help Californians. Important Election Dates NOTE: Everyone will receive a ballot in the mail, stamped for return. However, there will be some polling places open where you will be able to do same day registration and vote.

August 16-20: ballots to registered voters will be mailed by each County’s Registrar of Voters. August 30: Last day to register and receive a mail-in ballot. September 14: Election day; ballots must be postmarked this date. Voting sites and drop-box locations have not been announced yet. More Information The Republican National Committee, headquartered in Washington, D.C., filed the recall petition the day after Governor Newsom was elected. This is a prime example of Republicans trying to overturn elections simply because they do not like it when Democrats win elections. Recall efforts are expensive to launch. Wealthy Republican donors financed the recall effort in California; not average voters. Recall efforts are expensive to conduct. The State’s Finance Department has determined that this recall will cost California taxpayers $276 million. That is money that should be spent helping California workers and small businesses. Recall supporters have not come up with any concrete evidence or legitimate reasons to recall the Governor. Recall efforts have are now an often-used tactic to overturn elections that Republicans don’t like. They’re using recalls even when it comes to school board and city council elections, for example. Please visit these Websites for more information: The Governor’s efforts since elected: The California Democratic Party is helping Newsom fight the recall.


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