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Democrats of the Desert Unanimously Passes Resolution on Anti-Semitism!

Democrats of the Desert Unanimously Passes

Resolution on Anti-Semitism!

Palm Springs, Calif, October 7, 2021 -- Democrats of the Desert (DOD), one of the Coachella Valley’s largest Democratic clubs, firmly stands against anti-Semitism. Our Board of Directors believes that all types of discrimination and harassment whether based on religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity and/or disability are wrong and anti-American.

Riverside County has a documented history of anti-semitism whereas:

  • Anti-semitic reports of vandalism increased 12 percent between 2011 and 2012 in the ADL’s Pacific Southwest Region which includes Riverside County.

  • California as a whole between 2016-2020 experienced an increase of almost 40% of anti-semitic incidents.

  • In recent history in October 2019 vandalism occurred at a Jewish Attorneys building in Palm Springs. Where a swastika was drawn on a sign visible from Palm Canyon Drive.

  • The most recent incident that involved a Riverside County resident was reported on May 18, 2021. A Banning man was arrested for the assault of several Jewish men outside a restaurant in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles.

Democrats of the Desert, Riverside County applauds investigative efforts and responses to past and current anti-semitic incidents against Jewish individuals, property and institutions in Riverside County, as well as all other forms of bigotry and violence.

Democrats of the Desert is a community based political organization, which studies local and national issues and makes recommendations to members and/or other individuals in the community. On the basis of knowledge, verifiable information, and consensus, the Club seeks to influence decision-making and the electoral process by educating the electorate, and supporting qualified Democrats who wish to run for office. DOD’s members reside in towns across the Coachella Valley.


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