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Candidates Forum Sept. 12th at 2pm

To-date, 17 Democrats running for City Council seats in the Valley have signed up for DOD’s Candidates Forum via Zoom. It will take about one hour for the 17 to speak, after which we’ll take as many questions as possible.

Attendees so far: Alan Carvalho (CC); Phillip/Felipe Bautista (COA); J.R. Corrales (CC); Denise Delgado (COA); Lesly Figueroa (COA); Neftali Galarzo (COA); Steven Hernandez (COA); Christy Holstege (PS); Rita Lamb (CC); Lisa Middleton; PS; Emmanuel Martinez (COA); Steve Moyer (PD); Roger Nunez (DHS); Karina Quintanilla (PD); Nancy Ross (CC); Erin Teran (IN); and Dian Torres (PS).

To register for the meeting and receive Zoom Link click here.

Before Saturday’s meeting, please research candidates in your town; check out their Websites or Facebook pages. NOTE: These are NOT endorsed candidates – DOD invited all Democrats running for city council positions.

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