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Contact Senators to Stop Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination!

ISSUES AT STAKE Women’s reproductive rights • Human rights • LGBTQ rights Voting rights • Gun safety • Immigration and the “Dreamers” Workers and unions • Minorities and police violence Obamacare/affordable healthcare • Discrimination in housing, jobs

CONTACT CALIFORNIA SENATORS Feinstein and Harris to thank them in advance for fighting this nomination:, DC: 202-224-3841; San Francisco, 415-393-0707, DC: 202-224-3553; Sacramento, 916-448-2787

U.S. SENATE’S main switchboard: 202/224-3121 If you have trouble getting through to any DC numbers, try state offices

TWO WOMEN who claim they support Roe v Wade: Susan Collins (Maine), Augusta: (207) 622-8414 Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), DC: (202)-224-6665; Anchorage, (907) 271-3735

DEMOCRATS who voted for Gorsuch: • Joe Manchin (West Va.), DC: 202-224-3954; Charleston, 304-342-5855 • Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota), DC: (202) 224-2043; Bismarck, (202) 224-2043 • Joe Donnelly (Indiana), DC.: (202) 224-4814; Evansville, (812) 425-5813

THIS REPUBLICAN senator is vulnerable: • Dean Heller (Nevada), DC: 202-224-6244; Las Vegas, 702-388-6605

RETIRING REPUBLICANS—they could go out as heroes: • Jeff Flake (Arizona), DC.: 202-224-4521; Phoenix, 602-840-1891 • Bob Corker (Tennessee), DC.: 202-224-3344; Memphis 901-683-1910

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