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Her Name is Rita

Her name is Rita, and she is life long Republican who has worked at a Coachella Valley casino for

ten years. Her pay has finally reached $11 per hour. She has one son who is a local policeman. Her

son thinks Democrats are soft on crime.

Rita is approaching retirement age, and she is worried about her future. The casino she works for

has not been much help as she plans for her retirement. Her son tells her that Republicans will

cover her.

When asked last year, Rita did not hesitate to say she was proud to vote for Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz, bucking her son's advice. When asked recently if she still supports Congressman Ruiz for Congress, she smiled, and she said, "you bet I do". She went on to say that his background,

compassion, wisdom and accessibility made her a fan. She thinks she now can convince her son

to support Congressman Ruiz for re-election this year.

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