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Anita Hoag Honored at Bosworth Awards Luncheon

Democrats of the Desert membership chair person, Anita Hoag, received the prestigious Democratic

club volunteer of the year recognition award on Sunday, Oct. 29, hosted by the Riverside County

Democratic Party. Held at the Morongo Hotel Resort, DOD President Rob Westwood presented

the award to Anita on behalf of the DOD board or directors and DOD's 360+ members. Every

Democratic club in Riverside County recognized its volunteer of the year at the event,

attended by more than 350 Democrats.

Rob presented the award and flowers to Anita, citing her amazing work as membership chair person

in a time the last 18 months when DOD membership has exploded. Membership is at an

all time high for DOD, much of it thanks to what Anita called "an extraordinary experience to serve

as chair for 7 years. I am grateful to the DOD board for this honor, and I am so very proud

of who we are and what we do".

Rob told the crowd that Anita was awarded for her "amazing friendship, love and loyalty

to DOD and to the Democratic party".

Keynote speakers at the event were California Democratic party Chair Eric Baumann and

Kevin de Leon, California Senate President Pro-tem.

Anita lives in Rancho Mirage with her husband, Richard. THANK YOU, Anita, for your incredible

dedication and hard work!

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