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An Ode for Today

After a recent trip to the nation's Capitol, Robert Westwood was inspired to share this poem with DOD members and friends.

Negative gloom in DC

but still a great city.

Lots of tourists

and wow, they are busy.

Busy enjoying the sites

But many are wondering

How could this happen

So very much pondering.

Justice, liberty, freedom

What's this all about?

How could some mock

and many still pout.

Some Americans don't get it --

The gift of democracy.

So many voted

to show their hypocrisy.

Some stayed home

and took things for granted

While others worked hard

For something else to be planted.

There is so much to do

And Congressman Raul

Is our savior and hope --

He needs our help, we must not mope.

Do whatever we can

To change things around.

We must celebrate Fall 18

Commit, focus: we are bound.

Robert Westwood

President Democrats of the Desert

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