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Democrats of the Desert Summer Reminders

Feeling frustrated, concerned, worried?

There is plenty you can do this summer!

* Use your phone and call our Senators and

Congressman Ruiz. Tell them to get with

it on health care, to oppose any form of

discrimination, work on infrastructure

for the people, immigration reform, etc.

Sound off on your thoughts and frustrations


* Send a donation to Democrats of the

Desert (payable to DOD). Check our

website for address.

* Put this on your calendar:

Saturday, Sept. 23 - 2 pm - First DOD

meeting of the Fall. Date Palm Country

Club clubhouse - Always great snacks.

Our guest: Supervisor Manny Perez !

Candidate Fair/Introductions! - Meet

candidates running this Fall and in 2018.

* Use your brain and pen/computer and

write to the Desert Sun supporting

our local Democrats and issues important

to our community. Keep it short and simple: No bashing. Make

your letter positive and issue related.

* Volunteer for one or more of great

groups DOD supports, such as

Planned Parenthood, Moms Demand

Action, Coachella Valley Housing

Coalition or Galilee Center Migrant

Workers Comfort Center. Contact the

Democratic Headquarters of the Desert

for how you can be involved.

* Send your board of directors ideas for

future programs and VOLUNTEER

for future DOD events and meetings.

* Learn about voter registration so you

can volunteer to register voters

beginning in mid-September.

* Volunteer to research and track the

voting records of Southern California

Republicans who need to be defeated

in 2018. Contact Rob Westwood for

more information at our email address.

* DO SOMETHING ! You can make a

difference. You can sound out and off.

You can help us defeat the GOP. Do your

own thing and tell us about it.

RESIST the madness in DC and across

the country. DO IT. DO SOMETHING!

COMMIT TO ACT / Focus 2018!!!!!

For more information:

Twitter: DemocratsOfTheDesert@DemsOfTheDesert

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