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Climate Change PS Alert...

Palm Springs City Council is voting on an ordinance to give YOU a choice on how much renewable energy power YOU want. It’s called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). It’s like a co-op where multiple communities band together to buy renewable energy through SCE. So, instead of SCE buying energy from natural gas plants, they would buy our energy from wind and solar farms. For more information

Once the CCA is approved and implemented, your electricity would still be delivered by SCE but YOU will have control over whether you want 50% or 100% renewable energy. The best news - the cost will be similar for 50% renewable energy or slightly more for 100% renewable energy.

PLUS, it will create good paying, local green power jobs.

This is a HUGE opportunity to make a big cut in our GHG emissions. Please take a few hours to attend this vital meeting and let Council know you support the CCA. Meeting begins at 6P. Palm Springs Convention Center. Room Primrose B. Come early to sign up to speak for 2 minutes (or less).

Let’s create energy independence in Palm Springs. Yes, we can! Ellen

Ellen Lockert Founder Climate Action PS

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