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A message from our newly elected President, Robert Westwood

Greetings, Wonderful Democrats!

Thank you for visiting this website and your interest in Democrats of the Desert !

DOD is an amazing organization with an energetic, dynamic board of directors. As your newly elected president, I assure you that we will work hard this year with our Commit to Act 2017 theme. Already this year, we have had standing room only crowds to hear an ACLU attorney (January) and for elections and an incredibly successful Call to Action Fair (February).

We are in a crisis in America with a right wing, extremely conservative man in the White House and his pundits in Congress who want to turn their backs on progressive values, issues and policies. WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN, and we need to push back and resist.

We need to unite as Democrats to voice a loud resistance!

Think of DOD this way:

We are D...determined.

We are O...organized.

We are D...demanding.

We must all work together and, in the Coachella Valley, we must be determined to support our elected Democrats, we must organize for voter registration and other activist programs, and we must demand that our elected politicians support progressive thinking. We must show support to our wonderful Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz and folks like the amazing Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia. We must work to support anyone wanting to run for office in our areas as a Democrat.

Please be involved with us anyway you can, and support our Commit to Act 2017 campaign. Check out our schedule of activities and tell us what you want as an organization dedicated to supporting Democratic ideals and to elect Democrats.

Times are dangerous now. We need YOU to move forward!

I want to extend a super grateful thanks to our former president, Priscilla Richardson, for her crucial and inspiring leadership the last four years. Pris will remain on our board as a non-voting member, and we need her input. As mentioned, the DOD board is simply courageous and dedicated.

Be well,

Rob Westwood

President, Democrats of the Desert

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