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WOMEN'S MARCH: Los Angeles, January 21, 2017 - UPDATE: BUSES FULL!!

Join the Women's March in Los Angeles. Activists are organizing marches in many cities with Washington DC spearheading the event. Women from all over the country will demonstrate their opposition to the Trump election. As Bob Bland an organizer for the Washington DC event told Reuters " We cannot allow ourselves to give up, put our heads down and not hold this administration accountable for any violation of human rights or women's rights".

In an invitation from Judith Antonio here is the update for our Los Angeles March if you would like to attend.

Hello Fellow Democrats,


I checked with Cardiff Limo and we can get a 27 passenger van to LA (and back) for $65 each, if we fill the limo. Here are my thoughts - subject to input by others:

Depart Monterey/Dinah Shore 6:00 am

arrive 5th & Olive LA - 8:30

March begins at 9am

Depart 5th & Olive @ 3PM

March ends at 4PM

Arrive in the desert @ 6PM

Please let me know if you are interested and how many seats you and your friends will want. The last day to let me know is December 28th, I will need to reserve the bus, after that I will let you know where to send your checks.

This is an important day for all of us, we need to make sure our voices are heard and that we are not forgotten. I hope you will join me.

Judith Antonio


Women's March gains strong supportStartFragment

RECENT UPDATE: Buses Full ...See Calendar for other Marches the 21st!

The planned January 21, 2017 Los Angeles Women's March is attracting huge attention. Hundreds of participants from the Coachella Valley have already signed up for bus transportation to and from the event. Below is an email from one of the organizers, offering information about the event and opportunities to reserve your seat for the transportation to Los Angeles and return.

Now is your chance to go to the March for Women in Los Angeles.

Bus Tickets to the March in Los Angeles, Saturday January 21, 2017 are $35.00 each. If you pay for more than one person, please list their names in a note and send an email to to confirm the multiple attendees. Every person on the bus must be named and every person must sign a liability release at time of departure. There are no refunds, unless your space can be replaced. If we do not have 56 people, the price will increase. T-shirt pricing will be later. This is first come first served.

To pay by paypal, go to log into your paypal account and click on send and request. Then click on send to friends and family in the US. Enter in the sender box and click next. Then add the amount which is $35 per person. Please add a note with any other attendees and send. (If you use a business account or credit card, there will be a charge. You must absorb any fees or charges).

To pay by Venmo, download the app on your phone or go to , log in and click pay. Enter into the TO field and enter $35 per person for the bus ticket and a note if there are multiple attendees you are paying for and click pay.

Please call me at 760-883-5836 if there is a problem.

Carlynne McDonnell



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