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Here are some ways to take action now!

Sign Petitions:

Petition to stop Donald Trump’s Conflicts of Interest:

Petition to stop Steve Bannon:

Petition to abolish the Electoral College:

Petition to appoint Garland to the Supreme Court:

Petition to require Tax Returns be released by all Presidential Candidates and Presidents:

Petition to stop Myron Ebell from being appointed the head of the EPA:

Petition to block Betsy DeVos from being appointed as the Secretary of Education:

Petitions to stop the Dakota Pipeline:

Petition to tell Donald Trump to reject hate and bigotry:

Petition to stop Sessions from being assigned Attorney General:

Where to report hate crimes:

Donate to:

This is the legal support team at Standing Rock:


Join one of the hundreds of marches happening 1/21/17

Make Phone Calls, Write Letters, or Send Emails to:

- Email Pres. Obama ( ) re: Standing Rock and/or assigning a special prosecutor re: the 2nd Comey investigation.

- Email the DOJ asking for investigation into voter fraud at

Department of Justice:

Please Audit the 2016 Presidential Vote ASAP

My name is ___, and I’m a registered voter in zip code ___. I’m urging you to support the call to audit the vote, investigate voter suppression, particularly in North Carolina, Florida and Wisconsin, and investigate Russian tampering of US election results.

Thank you,

[Your Name] Registered Voter

[Address] Address and Zip Code