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Dolores Huerta Endorses Greg Rodriguez for State Assembly

September 15th Dolores Huerta endorsed Greg Rodriguez for State Assembly. In a statement, Greg said, "I am honored to receive the endorsement of Dolores Huerta a strong woman that has worked to improve social and economic conditions for women, farmworkers and to fight discrimination. Our campaign stands with the values that Ms. Huerta has fought for and we look forward to defending these causes in Sacramento for the 42nd District". Congratulations to Greg upon receiving this endorsement.

Together we can help Greg get to the State Assembly. It's time to GOTV by calling for this dedicated candidate. Check our 'GET INVOLVED" section for dates and times you can participate and how to get in touch directly with Greg and his FANTASTIC campaign team . Greg will also be debating Chad Mayes October 15th, hosted by the Desert Sun, at the Rancho Mirage Library Saturday @ 1 p.m. Represent your candidate by being there and showing your support! Check our Calendar for more details. or follow Greg on Facebook.

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