Dear Friends and Family,

I support Joe Biden because his plan for getting the United States back on track by building back better is one that we can all get behind. The plan calls for mobilizing American manufacturing and innovation to create good-paying jobs and bringing back critical supply chains from overseas, modernizing our nation’s aging infrastructure, as well as creating a caregiving and education workforce capable of meeting the needs of 21st century families and workers, while ensuring that racial equity is addressed as these efforts are pursued.


Even more than a plan that gets our economy back on track and serves the needs of everyone, however, is the need to unite the American people in spirit. It seems to me that every few decades we need to be reminded of the common values we hold dear. That’s not to say we have held true to our values throughout our nation’s history — but at least a sizable number of us were more attuned to acknowledging when we messed up and willing to recommit the country to get back on a course where we could bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice, to paraphrase a quote from Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.


We need a leader like Biden who can bring back a sense of our common core values informed by the U.S. Constitution and what it means, rather than trying to choke one’s opponents on the very paper upon which it was written. Convincing others with different viewpoints requires empathy and patience—someone who is capable of negotiating among diverse causes/concerns/issues and across party lines. Biden is that person.Please share this as broadly as you can.



Debra Vogler