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As Michelle Obama said during the DNC, each of us should make a plan for voting.

If you want help from the Democratic Party, text “Vote” to 30-330.

Remember these words: VOTE. SIGN. DATE. SEND.

Here are some reminders:

Carefully follow the ballot’s directions – in CA, you MUST sign and date the outside of the envelope.

Vote early – ask an activist friend to discuss candidates before you make your choices. Find a voter’s guide. Democratic HQ of the Desert has a voter guide.

Mail your ballot EARLY.

If you are concerned about the U.S. Post Office, there are ALTERNATIVES:

Take your ballot to an official “Voters Assistance Center.” Info coming soon from the Riverside County Registrar.

Put your ballot in one of the Registrar’s official drop boxes. Info coming soon.

It may be possible to take your ballot to your town’s City Hall/City Clerk’s Office.

Check before you go,

Drive your ballot to the Riverside County Registrar’s Office.

2724 Gateway Drive, Riverside, CA 92507.

Don’t drive? CA allows you to have a designated person deliver your ballot to the polls or a “Voters Assistance Center.” You MUST follow the instructions on the envelope to do this.

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