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What You Can Do To Fight Gun Violence

• Join an organization that is fighting against America’s gun violence, such as:

--The Courageous Resistance Coachella Valley-Gun Sense Team

( Meeting/758/signup/?akid=&zip=)

-- Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (

-- Everytown for Gun Safety (

-- Americans for Responsible Solutions/Giffords (

-- The Brady Campaign (

-- MomsRising (

-- The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (

-- Violence Policy Center (

• Be an activist: volunteer, demonstrate, make phone calls, send texts, etc.

• Donate

• Demand Change (Local, State & Federal officials)

-- Pressure politicians to stop taking money from the gun lobby.

-- Contact elected representatives and tell them gun safety is important to you.

• Vote for candidates that support common-sense gun laws.

• Voice your support for gun safety on social media.

• Become knowledgeable about the Be SMART program about keeping kids safe and live by it. ( Here are its five essential activities:

-- Secure all guns in your home and vehicles.

-- Model responsible behavior around guns.

-- Ask about the presence of unsecured guns in other homes.

-- Recognize the risks of teen suicide.

-- Tell your peers to Be SMART.

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