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Over 100 local Dems and friends attended the DOD gathering yesterday to listen to the Enemy of the People panel. Special guests on the panel included Christy Holstege as moderator, Anita Rufus, Hanke Plant, David Hamlin and Beth Caskie. These media industry professionals discussed the threat to our freedom of speech rights and some of the things we can do as activists. Mayor Rob Moon was in attendance along with Jarvis Crawford from James O. Jesse Desert Highland Unity Center, Joy Silver candidate for State Senate, Robert Mueller candidate for Rancho Mirage City Council and Waymond Fermon candidate for Indio City Council.. Congratulations to William Simpkins as new Vice President of DOD and Susan Moeller as hospitality Chair. Art Coplestein Progressive News author and Laura Ramsey DOD Social Media coordinator received an award for their activism. It was a full and fun day with delicious treats prepared for our guests by the hospitality team of Susan Moeller , Siv Adams and Jan! Seiden! And most importantly thank you all for coming and getting motivated for an exciting 2018!

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