* I registered folks to vote / I encouraged voting

 * I wrote a letter in support of Congressman Ruiz,

       Assemblyman Garcia, and/or Supervisor Perez

       to the Desert Sun

 *  I contacted Congressman Ruiz to support and 

       encourage him as he resists and battles on

       progressive issues 

 *  I contacted Assemblyman Garcia to support and

       encourage him on the Salton Sea and his 

       important work in the state Assembly

 *  I did nothing but moan and groan about the GOP

 *  I made a donation of backpacks, school supplies, 

       toiletries, towels, and goods to the Migrant 

       Worker Comfort Center in Mecca by contacting

       the GalileeCenter. org

 *  I called Senators Feinstein and Harris about 

       decent and affordable health care for all

 *  I contacted the Dem Headquarters about volunteering

       there and/or working on research projects to

       help dump California GOP Congress folks 

 *  I read trashy novels and bemoaned the GOP

 *  I put Saturday, Sept. 23 on my calendar for 2pm

       to attend the first DOD meeting of the Fall at

       Date Palm Country Club (Candidates Fair and 

       special guest:  Supervisor Perez!)

 *  I checked out frequently the amazing DOD website

       at desertdemocrats.org 

 *  I told folks where I am from and my friends and family 

       back home to get ready for 2018 so we 

       can get Congress back

 *  I painted my favorite room Blue

 *  I wrote down ideas for Democrats to gain momentum

       and resist so I can share them at future DOD meetings

 *  I made a donation to Democrats of the Desert

       (check website for address)

 *  I checked the DOD website to see how much DOD

       has achieved this year in more than 150 days 

       since that sad January 20th day

 *  I did __________ to help the cause and to promote

       progressive ideals and our local, state, and national


 *  I went to desertdemocrats.org for resources and

       information about the above

 *  I am staying positively BLUE

 *  I am encouraging others to join DOD (super low

       membership fees and a ton of good stuff and friends)

 *  I build tacos, not walls


Democrats of the Desert / Commit to Act 



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