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Well you know the old adage "You are what you eat"? Well maybe the same thing holds true for what we listen to ,read and watch on radio and television. We are bombarded with the negative, aggressive, scary and threatening media attached to the new administration. So why choose that? How will you feel? We are encouraging all Democrats to keep focused on the democratic message. We will be hearing from our local leadership as we begin the process of moving forward in the new year on ways we can keep our Valley blue. New direction and solid plans of action will unfold so that we can all begin the work of fighting injustice where it is found. We will also work to put new democratic candidates forward and into office. We will listen to and watch progressive hosts that will inform us, make us laugh when we need it most and inspire us to recommit to activism. So here are a few of our favorite commentators, pundits and progressive comedians. Check for their programming in your area and get listening, watching and back on track to keep our Valley and our nation as Blue as possible! As our own Congressman Raul Ruiz recently said "Don't agonize; Organize!"


Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Anita Rufas, Elle K (Podcast) Bill Maher, Sam Seder, Chris Hayes, Robert Reich, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Rachel Maddow, Paul Krugman, Jon Stewart, John Fogelsang, Michael Moore, Arianna Huffington, Ezra Klein, James Carville, Melissa Harris Perry, Lawrence Odonnell, Alec Baldwin (SNL), Steven Colbert, Chris Matthews, Cnn, ABC, NBC, MSNBC


Desert Sun, NY Times, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Boston Globe,Daily Kos, The New Yorker Magazine

Another idea sent in by Lori Edwards Jonasson.... Another group started this great idea...

StartFragment CALL TO ACTION: Don't turn off tv Inauguration Day! DO NOT TURN OFF TV! Read on. If you have cable or satellite TV, they keep track of who is watching what. Instead of turning your TV off that day, turn all your TVs on OTHER CHANNELS. Some suggestions would be: The Science Channel National Geographic Discovery Animal Planet Comedy Central or any channel not showing Drumpf Here's the reason. If 1000 households are watching TV that day: 400 or 40% are watching Inauguration 600 or 60% are watching anything else. With a boycott of 400, you have this: 400 or 67% are watching Inauguration. 200 or 33% are watching anything else. Suddenly, if we turn off the TVs, it looks like a large majority of viewers tuned into Inauguration.. But if our TVs are tuned to other shows, the percentage drops. For DJT, to have low ratings AND low percentage, it'll be a blow to his ego. Twitter will be hilarious. Get it? got it? Good and please share and share and share some more. EndFragment

Love this idea. Democrats can show networks what we choose to watch on Inauguration Day !!!!!

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