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Greg Rodriguez is the candidate

May 11, 2016

Greg Rodriguez is the candidate for the 42nd California Assembly District who will best represent the interests of working women and families. Greg was raised by a hard-working mother and is passionate about replacing Chad Mayes who voted NO on equal pay and NO on raising the minimum wage.

I recently read that female-headed households make up just over one half of American low-income households with children (Business Wire, May 6, 2016). I guess that should be no surprise when people like Mayes vote to keep women’s pay at approximately 77% of men’s for doing the same job.

I am a woman who has been in the workforce consistently since 1973. Fortunately, I have a union that makes sure I have equal pay for equal work, but without my union, I know that would not happen. The short and long term financial damage to women (who are often head-of-household) due to lack of pay equity is enormous, damaging, and long-lasting. Remember, your Social Security payments are based on your earnings.

Votes to keep women’s wages suppressed are unconscionable!

Women should support Greg Rodriguez, who will support us.

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