General Reasons to vote for Joe


Dear Friends and Family,


Recently, I listened in to a virtual fundraiser with Barack Obama and Joe Biden. While they discussed a whole host of issues, a particular comment by President Obama has stuck with me. At one point he said, “Whatever you’ve done so far [to support Joe Biden] is not enough.” I plan on volunteering to get out the vote; engaging in voter registration activities; and, to the extent possible, donating to the campaign. But still, I fear, that will not be enough. And that is why I am writing this letter.


I’ve found myself thinking about the upcoming November election and what it means to me personally, and its significance to our nation and our nation’s future. From where I sit, the past three-and-a-half years have been a disaster. They’ve been filled with divisive actions which have undermined key democratic institutions such as justice, education, and environmental protections. These actions have denigrated and shredded our safety net and our safety, period. At this moment we have an opportunity to make a positive change.


I believe the person who will make that change happen is Joe Biden. I support Joe’s candidacy for a number of reasons. They include his commitment to:


  • tackling the systemic factors which contribute to racial, social, gender-based, and economic inequality

  • restoring a positive leadership position for the United States on the world stage

  • protecting the right to vote for all of our citizens

  • building on the foundation of the Affordable Care Act to provide health care and health insurance for all Americans

  • nominating judges to the federal courts who are qualified and understand the importance of interpreting the law through the lens of fairness and equity

  • protecting the environment

  • effectively addressing the issue of affordable housing

  • building and modernizing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure      

  • creating a humane immigration system.


This is a tall order, but I believe Joe Biden, and the capable team he’ll assemble, will be able to tackle these imperatives.


Often, in the recent past, elections have been deemed ‘the most important in our lifetime.’ I feel keenly that this statement is unequivocally true for this November’s election. If you share my concern, I hope you’ll support Joe in the months ahead in any way you can. 


Thanks, and let’s keep our fingers crossed.

With Hope,

A Determined Democrat