Election Recommendations

Ø Disclaimer: The following are suggestions and recommendations for the upcoming Election on June 5th. The California Democratic Party, at the Convention in February, did not endorse in all the races. What is listed are those candidates who were in the top two for endorsement, not reaching the 60% thresh hold required. Where only one candidate is listed, that person was endorsed. There are five propositions and the recommendations included. GOVERNOR: GAVIN NEWSOM AND JOHN CHIANG LT. GOVERNOR: ELENI KOUNALAKIS SECRETARY OF STATE: ALEX PADILLA CONTROLLER: BETTY YEE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER: RICARDO LARA STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION - DISTRICT 4: DAVID DOBSON TREASURER: FIONA MA ATTORNEY GEN

Primary June 5th

NOTE: You need two stamps on your ballot or it will not be delivered by mail California Democratic Party endorsements for June 5 election Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, United States Senator and Board of Equalization NO ENDORSEMENT (means no candidate got 60% at State Democratic Party Convention) Secretary of State Alex Padilla State Controller- Betty Yee State Treasurer - FionaMa Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond U.S. Congress-36 CD Raul Ruiz, M.D. Count

Commit to Act!

Time to volunteer? Help out candidate DeniAntoinette Mazingo for State Assembly District 42 PHONE to help her campaign: (202) 802-0325 or send email to: denicaassembly42@gmail.com

Election Alert

YOUR SPECIAL ATTENTION IS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY URGENT ELECTION ALERT Ballots Come Out on Monday, May 7 for June 5th Election WE MUST WORK TOGETHER TO ELECT MANNY PEREZ ! Supervisor - Riverside County 4th District (District includes all Coachella Valley Cities) MAY IS... Democrats of the Desert MANNY MONTH Phone Bank and Office Volunteers needed to work the Manny Campaign YOUR HELP is needed NOW NOW NOW ! Contact greg@electmanny.com electmanny.com YOUR COMMITMENT TO ACT HAS NEVER BEEN MORE CRUCIAL ! www.desertdemocrats.org democratsofthedesert@gmail.com

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