Democrats United

UNITED Greetings, Democrats! UNITED. I am not referring to the name of an airline or a meaningless slogan. I am referring to all of us. UNITED as Democrats! UNITED in wanting good and progressive things for our country and our communities. Demanding justice and peace. Fairness and goodness. Liberty and freedom. Equality cemented in a guarantee. Safety and solidarity. Moving forward in friendship and togetherness. Your DEMOCRATS OF THE DESERT board has been working throughout the summer to ensure that we continue to be UNITED. We will begin meeting again on Saturday, Sept. 23 at 2 pm at Date Palm Country Club in the main clubhouse -36200 Date palm Drive, Cathedral City, Ca Our honored

Planned Parenthood presents...4th Annual Reel Women's Film Festival

In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest presents the 4th Annual Reel Women’s Film Festival to raise funds for breast health programs directly in the Coachella Valley. The festival will be held October 28-29 at Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs, showcasing inspiring films about women. View the film lineup and trailers, and access the link to purchase passes at -- join for one, or both, days! OPENING MOVIE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28 IS "LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA"! Perhaps you have read about it on NPR or BBC! Here is trailer: The diverse range of films from the Philippines, N

Along The Way....

Her name was Anna. She was kind, funny, warm, and did her job very well, always with a smile. But we made Anna cry. Picture a stop for breakfast at a Waffle House in the small community of Carrolton, Kentucky, a pretty little place on the Ohio River, and a truck stop location half way between Louisville and Cincinnati off Interstate 71. It was about 10 am, and the Waffle House just off the interstate was very crowded. Anna was our waitress, and she greeted us as if she had known us for years. Her waitress service was impeccable. She laughed with us, and -- typical of a Waffle House -- she shouted our order to the busy cooks cracking eggs and making walnut waffles. We told Anna the three

An Ode for Today

After a recent trip to the nation's Capitol, Robert Westwood was inspired to share this poem with DOD members and friends. Negative gloom in DC but still a great city. Lots of tourists and wow, they are busy. Busy enjoying the sites But many are wondering How could this happen So very much pondering. Justice, liberty, freedom What's this all about? How could some mock and many still pout. Some Americans don't get it -- The gift of democracy. So many voted to show their hypocrisy. Some stayed home and took things for granted While others worked hard For something else to be planted. There is so much to do And Congressman Raul Is our savior and hope -- He needs our help, we must not mope. Do w

DemDaily: Diversity in Congress:The Breakdown

DemDaily: Diversity in Congress: The Breakdown August 9, 2017 In following on yesterday's Voting Rights Act Daily, we took a look at how Diversity in the US Congress has changed since the landmark legislation was signed into law in 1965. 89th Congress (1965) In 1965 the House claimed 11 Women (7D/4R), 5 African American (Ds), three Hispanic/Latino (Ds) and two Asian Americans (Ds). In the Senate there were two Women (1D/1R), one Hispanic/Latino (D) and two Asian Americans (1D/1R). Today's 115th Congress In the US House of Representatives there are 242 Republicans,198 Democrats - and one vacant seat, Utah's 3rd Congressional District (*All figures include 5 Delegates and the Resident Commiss

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