Democrats of the Desert Get Fired UP!

THERE WILL BE NO RE-DO'S AFTER NOVEMBER 8 !- IT'S NOW OR NEVER! Recently good Democrats spent the afternoon doing Get Out The Vote (GOTV) phoning at Date Palm Country Club. We made nearly 5,000 calls to get infrequent Democrats to the polls. And again on Sunday we called voters to GOTV with tremendous success. What was really sobering was looking at the list of how many registered Democrats have voted in only one or two of the last five elections. We CAN'T let them stay home this year! But the good news is the folks we talked to were now 'ballot in hand' and excited to cast their votes for our Valley's outstanding democrats. There is still work to do but we are helping to make it happen. Of

Democrats of the Desert meet to discuss upcoming Propositions

Join the Democrats of the Desert as they gather to learn more about the many upcoming propositions. Suzan Wilkinson Regional Director, CDP Region 19 and Elle Kurpiewski, host of Progressive Talk with Elle K, will go in depth to demystify and clarify the propositions. This election is so important and understanding what you are voting on is imperative. Please come and learn more and enjoy the company of your fellow Democrats. The excitement is building so please attend Oct 22nd at 2p.m. at the Date Palm Country Club 32600 Date Palm Dr. Cathedral City, Ca at the main clubhouse. Delicious refreshments are always provided by our wonderful, talented and caring hospitality team. Also mark your


Do you want to vote before November 8th? Here are the locations for Early voting: Riverside County Registrar of Voters Office WHERE? 2724 Gateway Drive, Riverside CA 92507 WHEN? Starting October 11 through November 7 Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM Also Saturday, October 29 and November 5 9 AM to 4 PM And Election Day, November 8 7 AM to 8 PM In addition, early voting will be accepted October 28, 29 and 30 from 10:AM to 4:PM at the following remote locations: Galleria at Tyler 1299 Galleria at Tyler Riverside, CA 92503 Westfield Shopping Mall 72-840 Highway 111 Palm Desert, CA 92260 Promenade 40820 Winchester Road Temecula, CA 92591 EndFragment

Palm Springs Solar Ordinance Will Fight Climate Change

Climate change is the defining issue of our age. It represents a very real threat to humanity with deepening droughts, water shortages, dying forests, massive wildfires, epic storms, floods and sea level rise. In April the American College of Physicians issued the following call to action: “Climate change will have devastating consequences for public and individual health unless aggressive, global action is taken now to curb greenhouse gas emissions.” The planet has now had 14 consecutive months of the hottest temperatures in 136 years. August tied July as the hottest month on record. Ever. It’s time to take meaningful action. Our first priority must be to prevent new sources of GHG emission


There's no excuse for saying 'It would be so awful if Trump wins" and not taking any action to prevent that from happening. If you're not going to prevent it --who do you think is? The further this election season goes, the more imperative our COMMIT TO VICTORY 2016 theme becomes. The Presidency, the Supreme Court, Senate, and House of Representatives seats are all critical to our future as a democracy. Equally critical are the many issues on the California ballot; our Senate race to replace retiring Senator Boxer, all the ballot measures, and our important local positions; City Council, School Boards, Desert Health District Board and more. First I ask you to commit to being a well-informed

Faulty Logic Drives Republicans' Foreign Relations and Immigration Policy

9/21/16 One thing missing amid the Republicans’ attempts to miscast the Iran nuclear deal as “bad” and their belief in the necessity for building a “great wall” on our Southern border is common sense. Let’s consider the wall. This country’s resources will be misspent in building a structure that will be breached in short order—whether by tunnels, some sort of catapult system, or just plain old determination. The money, time, and effort would be better spent to bolster cybersecurity. Cyber threats with respect to our power grid, utilities, water treatment plants, nuclear plants, hospitals, and the like, is far more crucial to our safety and has the potential to impact millions of our citizens


We have learned that when Democrats organize the vote on the ground and inside their communities Democrats WIN! We can get a democratic win again for Hillary, Congressman Raul Ruiz ,Greg Rodriguez candidate for 42nd District Assembly and Assemblyman Eduaro Garcia 56th District, These candidates need your support NOW. There are opportunities for door knocking, letter writing to editors, voter registration, meet & greets and phone banking. Join us on October 8th at the Date Palm Country Club 32600 Date Palm Dr Cathedral City, Ca for a DOD members, friends, family, and neighbors for GOTV from Noon - 5 p.m. Come when you can and stay as long as you can to call, have a light lunch, snacks, good

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