Palm Springs City Councilman Geoff Kors leads the charge....

"Dear friends: We could use your help. Please sign this petition - especially if you live in Palm Springs and/or if you spend time there - and pass it on to others you know. Share it with the Democratic clubs you lead (or belong to) and/or your friends and family. The petition is in support of three gun-safety ordinances that the City of Palm Springs will consider on September 7, 2016. Palm Springs City Councilman Geoff Kors is leading the charge and Moms Demand Action volunteers, led by Denise Janssen Eager, are helping by asking residents to sign the petition. We'll be at the meeting on September 7th to speak, if possible. Here's information about the ordinances: 1. Require that guns no

Interview with Candidate for 42nd State Assembly District Greg Rodriguez

1. What is your central message. I am running for the 42nd State Assembly to bring real representation to the residents of the District. For too long our area has been underrepresented in Sacramento. We need a leader who has a proven track record of results and will go to Sacramento to get things done. 2. What are your most salient differences with your opponent. I have a proven track record of getting things done. My opponent has not proposed nor passed any substantive legislation in Sacramento. I pride myself on being accessible and present in the District. My opponent spends most of his time traveling the state raising special interest money for career politicians. He is rarely seen in th

MAKING IT HAPPEN- Michael Bouchard for Hillary Campaign Will Speak to Democrats of the Desert

Mark your calendars to attend the Democrats of the Desert meeting August 27th, 2 p.m. at Date Palm Country Club in Cathedral City. Michael Bouchard will speak on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Michael will give us all the details on what we need to do to elect Hillary. We will learn how democrats can call for Hillary at home! These are critical times and we need to be on our best game as Democrats. In an article for the Desert Sun by Marilyn Chung Michael calls Clinton's historic quest " a defining moment....Almost a hundred years after women got the right to vote". Join us as we meet one of Hillary's most staunch supporters, a veteran and a tireless worker for democrats. Plus our

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