Norway-My Observations

Preface My account is primarily based upon numerous conversations I had with my cousin Anders Heltzen and his wife Gro. I very much appreciate their knowledge and willingness to spend their time discussing issues relating to energy and sustainability in Norway. I also want to emphasize that I have made an effort to remain as unbiased as possible in light of my Norwegian heritage. FACTUAL INFORMATION Factual Information Norway spans approximately 150,000 square miles. 65% is mountainous and less than 5% of the land is cultivated. Although it is Europe’s sixth largest country in terms of its landmass, the population is only five million. The country has the second longest coastline in the


The world was watching as President Obama officially passed the torch to Hillary Clinton, first woman Presidential candidate, during the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Former President Bill Clinton beamed as Hillary took the stage Thursday night to challenge all democrats to join together to win in November. Many democrats got to know more about our candidate and woman Hillary Clinton during her brief film bio and speech. Join Priscilla Richardson, President of Democrats of the Desert this Saturday morning on Progressive Talk with Elle K . Priscilla will discuss more about the convention and will be joined by Jennifer McCarron phone-bank coordinator for the local Hillary Clinton campai

Democrats of the Desert: Building a Great Club Together

After ten months of marvelous speakers and panels,exciting parties, and a field trip to the Tolerance education Center, our July meeting will shift gears and focus on YOU-our wonderful members. Seems like a good time to take a breather and just chat with one another and put forth your ideas for what you want D.O.D. to be in the future. Board members will circulate around the tables with some conversational questions and we'll be looking for your suggestions about speakers/panels you would like to have in 2017, as well as other topics. Join your fellow D.O.D. members for a kicked-back afternoon of visiting and idea sharing. Refreshments provided. Saturday July 23, 2-4p.m. Date Palm Country C

What More Can I Do?

If you are like most busy Democrats this year, you still may be asking the question "what more can I do" to help? Here at Democrats of the Desert we have many ways you can go that extra mile. Whether you want to volunteer for Voter registration, volunteer for events, bring supplies for the Mecca Migrant Center or simply give a direct cash Donation (here on our website or by mail) we encourage you today to TAKE ACTION! We all have to go that extra mile this year and dig a little deeper to make a difference. Please go to our Donation page NOW or contact us for further information. Thank you.

Getting Connected

With elections so close at hand there is not a minute to lose. Start contacting your representatives to make your voice heard in regards to major Democratic issues. Whether it is gun control safety, education, environmental issues, justice for all or better wages... make a call today to your representative. Here is the link for more information.

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